Unlock higher levels of impact & income by blending the soul + the strategy.

The time is NOW to shine in your life + biz

Unlock higher levels of impact & income by blending the soul + the strategy.

Divine feminine leadership + magnetism combined with a healthy dose of bold action-taking, intuitive creation & decision-making, confidence up-levels, manifestation, identity rewiring, messaging that feels like “you” unfiltered, heart-centered sales strategy, intentional collaborations, marketing made fun, building consistent offers that make you feel giddy, bone-deep-belief in your pricing…these are the ingredients that will take you to $5k months & beyond in your first year of biz πŸš€

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Introducing Soulpreneur Society, a 6-month spiritual business mastermind for entrepreneurs in their first 2 years of business that are ready to reach $5k months & beyond while experiencing more ease, playfulness, and freedom in all areas of life.

A bit about Soulpreneur Society:

This is not all business strategy or an entirely masculine approach because let me remind ya, you’re a POWERFUL co-creator and an instantaneous manifestor. If you’re not tapping into this innate ability…you’re missing out on the key to ease + accessing higher timelines in a short, short period of time. Cheers to defying logic πŸ₯‚

This is not all energetics or an entirely feminine approach either. You'll be taking big, bold action steps to create the containers & vessels that will bring you the income & impact. Now, visualize yourself putting on your CEO panties, making moves, feeling decisive, and well..showing up like you give a hot dayum!

This IS a combination of the two because they’re both needed as you embody your next level of leadership, feel turned on by your work, birth new visions into the world, and relax back into consistent wealth. 

If you've been craving a healthy blend of the two, consider this the answer to your prayers.

"Everyone needs Nora in their back pocket!"

Working with Nora has been a game-changer for my life & business. After only our first session I already felt re-inspired, clear on my vision, and knew I would immediately book another call! When I hired Nora, I was feeling lost in building my business and lacking clarity and self-confidence. I am now in a completely different space, owning my entrepreneurial role, making clear decisions, and creating unique offerings. Nora is an excellent listener, strategist, and cheerleader! She has a unique knack for distilling complex thoughts, emotions, and business issues down to their core. I call Nora the Queen of Gold Nuggets because she consistently drops knowledge in such a casual way, yet her insights make a HUGE impact! Nora has helped me see new perspectives & possibilities. Mixing spiritual guidance, intuition & meditations with business strategy and planning. She is masterful at repackaging my often-confusing thoughts clearly & concisely, while also asking the perfect questions to help guide me to finding the answers for myself. I have often said that everyone needs Nora in their back pocket!

- Lee Anne Simeone, Owner @mindbodybreathe_



  • Holds BIG passion & purpose in their heart around their work in the world
  • Feels excited about creating an instantaneous network of biz besties, hello soul-aligned collabs!

  • Desires to lead + live from the feminine while also feeling that "get shit done" energy

  • Knows how to take action and is open to getting innovative
  • Is ready to manifest their wildest dreams

  • Wants to own their shit a little bit more (specifically, their quirks, what makes them unique, and what they REALLY want to share), step into their next level of confidence, and feel a deep connection to self

  • Is empowered to bulldoze through blocks that keep them from having the life or business that they know is for them

  • Feels burnt out, uninspired, and frustrated at the amount of time they put into their biz and the lack of results they see

  • Could use some support with how to structure their day and prioritizing revenue/impact-driving tasks


  • Have trouble taking action on their own or need hand holding
  • Started their biz solely to make money or for the flexibility in their schedule (these are great perks, but we need the passion + purpose filled heart, too!) 
  • Don't believe in magic, miracles, and collapsing time
  • Feel overly obsessed with business strategy + that's the sole focus. (Your intuition will be your #1 tool)
  • Desire private guidance only and don't care to learn from other's questions (if that’s you, 1:1 may be a better fit)
  • Are not comfortable asking for help + support 
  • Refuse to get out of their comfort zone
  • Are stuck in their ways + unwilling to see things in a new light
  • Don't see themselves as a life-long student

Soulpreneur Society Includes:


Bi-Weekly 90-120 minute group coaching calls on Wednesdays at 5pm PT I 7pm CT I 8pm ET that are a combination of Q&A for personalized support and channeled guidance for leadership + expansion


Bonus biz trainings, created based on the needs + questions of the group and private app community for support, questions, & to celebrate wins between live calls. 


Access to Elevate monthly membership with libraries of meditation, breathwork, journaling, and monthly masterclasses to support you in intentionally stepping into the leader you desire to be in the world

        The waitlist is open. The next round begins in January 2023.

This group is application-based, so we can decide together if this is the best option for you to reach your desired results based on your unique situation. The investment is $999/month. Joining the waitlist indicates that you are interested in learning more when enrollment officially opens. When enrollment opens, you will receive a link to the application!


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