Ready to go ALL-IN on building an online biz that makes you shake your tatas? ⚡️

BIG Vision is a 6-month, high-touch group mastermind for entrepreneurs with the dream to start and grow an online business to consistent $5k months in the near-term, while cultivating more FUN and FREEDOM in the process.

By the end of the 6 months, you will have a clear personal and business brand with messaging, a community that's double the size of your current, more paid clients, transformational offers, and a launch process that feels good and delivers results.

The key to claiming your big vision is becoming the version of you that’s already in that vision.

This version of you is likely…

✔️ Not settling, but fully living 

✔️ Trusting and holding an unconditional level of belief in themselves

✔️ Feeling the fear and doing it anyways

✔️ Breaking through limiting beliefs real-time

✔️ $elling like a queen because their offer is the answer to thousands of prayers

✔️ Taking structured, intentional action like a bold b*tch

✔️ Following a strategic plan that sets them up for success

✔️ Positioning offers in a way that makes them feel giddy

✔️ Creating easy, authentic messaging #nofilter

✔️ Having a ton of fun while doing it (because if the journey isn’t fun, wtf is the point!?) 

If this sounds like you, you've arrived at the right place.

Imagine 6 months from now...

Imagine 6 months from now...

Imagine 6 months from now...

You have a STRONG mindset.

  • You no longer consider quitting your biz when it feels like "nothings working" and know you're destined for both money and success.

You noticeably look and feel SO much more confident.

  • You believe in who you are, what you're capable of creating, & you own the shit out of it.

You have tons of paid clients and a healthy relationship with sales.

  • You enjoy sharing your offers, inviting your community to join, and it works.

You know how to create transformational offers and messaging.

  • You have a process that works to build, market, launch, and sell your offers.

You have a community that is OBSESSED with you.

  • You can literally offer just about anything and know that your community will join.

"Nora is a QUEEN! I call her this, to her face, A LOT. I say this because no matter what my question is, Nora always has a solution or can help me navigate to a solution on my own. Nothing is off limits and everything is figure-out-able with her. She shares her endless wealth of business strategy and will keep a close eye on your business to ensure you have the most effective messaging and help you create completely magnetic content to attract dreamy clients. She also has the mindset and energy tools to help you out of a funk whenever you need it. Being in her Big Vision Mastermind not only transformed my business but transformed me on a personal level, constantly putting me in my sorceress energy to make my big vision happen. I love her tools, her strategy, her energy, and her sassiness! Nora is absolutely the one you want on your side!"

Margot Walsh
Life Coach

What's Included:

Big Vision is a group mastermind, meaning that the majority of the time will be spent live coaching to provide you strategies, intuitive guidance, and exercises for implementation into your unique business. Feedback from all members is always encouraged, as every member has their own gifts and skills that the group will benefit from.

There are two primary focuses:

  1. Who you are becoming in the process, knowing that when you grow, your business grows. When you stay the same, your results stay the same. When you change, the results you receive change.
  2. Strategies that will make it easier & quicker to scale to $5k months in the short-term followed by $10k+ months. Strategies will be around launching, marketing, sales, copy writing, forming community, creating offers, and building a product suite.

You'll receive:

6 full months of my direct support in your life and biz

3 Group Calls per Month (60-90 Min)

Monthly 1:1 sessions ($3,500 value)

Private voxer community for questions and support between calls

Complimentary access to all upcoming, live business courses (feat. $ell like a queen, biz energetics, and the offer handbook)

Bonus access to Elevate, the virtual wellness studio ($300 value), feat. 100s of meditations, breathwork journeys, and journaling sessions

A loving kick in the booty & accountability ;)

Client Love Notes ♥

Natalie Onacki, Trauma Informed Coach & Founder of the Mother Tree Foundation

This group seriously changed my life and I got farther along than I imagined. I signed up in November really confused and lost. I am coming out of this now in late January confident and clear on my next steps, who I am, and what I am putting out there. I'm leaving with so many tools for strategy and also for my mental, physical and emotional health. I am also walking away with new friends and a new support system. 

Carrie Blackmore, Runway Model and CEO of Vicarious Lingerie

In just a few weeks of working with Nora my life took a complete 180. I accomplished dreams that I had been working towards since childhood after working with her for just a month. Nora‘s coaching style is so intuitive and tailored to your specific personality. She is genuine and organized and gets you through the ups and downs. She isn’t afraid to dig deep and truly help you reprogram your limiting beliefs. 

Lee Anne Simeone, Owner of @MindBodyBreathe

Working with Nora has been a game-changer for my life & business. When I hired Nora, I was feeling lost in building my business and lacking clarity and self-confidence. I am now in a completely different space, owning my entrepreneurial role, making clear decisions, and creating unique offerings.  She has a unique knack for distilling complex thoughts, emotions, and business issues down to their core. 

What's the Value of Stepping into your BIG Vision?

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