1:1 Coaching + Mentorship

1:1 Coaching + Mentorship

1:1 coaching + mentorship is for those that are deeply committed to continuously building & refining the life and business of their dreams.

My clients that see the most success in this container normally fall into one of two buckets:

  • You already own & operate a wildly successful business and are desiring a mentor to hold space, listen to challenges and provide guidance, push you to perform at an even higher level, refine existing processes, & brainstorm new strategies/business ideas. You're incredibly self-motivated on your own & know how to make money in your business, but tend to lean far into the masculine (left-brained/hustle mindset) and desire to experience more freedom and fulfillment, while continuing to scale your business to the next level. Your main focus is to create a life & business that doesn't just look good from the outside, but FEELS amazing.
  • You are in the early stages of building an online business and you are ready to go all-in. You are tired of being in groups that aren't focused entirely on YOUR unique business goals and are sick of looking for a fix through random courses. You are a self-starter, willing to action on your own + run with things, and are looking for a coach to 1) teach you proven strategies to start & scale your business (including brand-building, selling, messaging, launching & lead generation) 2) help you hold the belief, upgrade your mindset, and help you expand quicker and easier than you can on your own.
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"I started working with Nora just after my first year in business at a point in which the sales and complexity of the operations had taken a very significant leap forward. I knew this would require me to be a better leader in my professional life while continuing to invest in my personal relationships, especially with my partner. Prior to coaching, I had felt easily distracted, over committed, excessively stressed, and lacking accountability towards my goals. Nora's combination of mindset coaching, relationship management, and practical business insights supported me in forming better habits to better manage my full schedule and fostered stronger relationships in both personal and professional realms. After 6 months of coaching, I feel like a leveled-up version of myself and highly recommend working with Nora if you want to level up in some way."

Rob Church
Co-Founder - Edge Theory Labs

"I signed up with Nora for private coaching cause I felt I was in a slump in my life. I couldn’t necessarily pin point what in my life I was struggling with but just the spark and the lack of joy in my day to day left me feeling defeated! I remember telling Nora “I just want to wake up and be excited about my life”! It didn’t happen overnight, but now I can say i really enjoy my mornings and getting to live this life :) Some of the major shifts I experienced while working with nora were revolved around all internal feelings. Everything I needed to shine was already inside me and Nora and her coaching helped bring that out. We were able to get deeper into topics that I thought were just surface level, but actually digging into deeper meaner and understanding myself so much more! What I like specifically about Nora is her amazing story and how much she embraces the little things in life. Her coaching style is personalized to you and makes you feel so comfortable. Its refreshing knowing you have your own cheerleader in your corner everyday. When I stopped working w Nora I was scared I would be lost without her!! But she gives you the tools you need to continue to thrive and be a total badass! And she’s only a text away! Nora is seriously the best. I always looked forward to our sessions together. If you’re on the fence and deciding whether or not to work with Nora.. do it! It not only will change your life drastically but will also make you feel empowered that you chose better for yourself. "

Kiley R

"Working with Nora was one of the best decisions I have made. Before I found Nora, I was feeling unhappy, anxious, tired, and irritated by the sound of my family calling my name. I felt I was living a life without purpose and I was looking for guidance in my living situation. Life felt really heavy. I let Nora know it all. Not only was I was met without judgement, but Nora displayed love, commitment and understanding. Nora took me through a four week intensive. She taught me exercises about following my intuition and recognizing my self worth. She gave me the tools of visualizing, meditation, intention setting, and so much more! Life feels much lighter and I can say with confidence, I am a new and improved person. The work was challenging, but change always is. I am forever grateful to Nora!"

-Mary H.

"Listen, sometimes you just don't even know what your soul needs!! And thankfully, Nora does, and she will hold your hand and guide your mind, body, heart, and soul through the incredible journey that is soul work. It feels light, supported, and expansive. The exercises help you unlearn old behaviors, create inner confidence, and blaze a calmer path. Nora is available, considerate, and knowledgeable - with a heart of gold. You will never regret the time you spend learning from her and enjoying life with her."

-Becca K.

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