1:1 Coaching + Mentorship

1:1 Coaching + Mentorship

1:1 coaching + mentorship is for those that are deeply committed to continuously building & refining the life and business of their dreams.

My clients that see the most success in this container normally fall into one of two buckets:

  • You already own & operate a wildly successful business and are desiring a mentor to hold space, listen to challenges and provide guidance, push you to perform at an even higher level, refine existing processes, & brainstorm new strategies/business ideas. You're incredibly self-motivated on your own & know how to make money in your business, but tend to lean far into the masculine (left-brained/hustle mindset) and desire to experience more freedom and fulfillment, while continuing to scale your business to the next level. Your main focus is to create a life & business that doesn't just look good from the outside, but FEELS amazing.
  • You are in the early stages of building an online business and you are ready to go all-in. You are tired of being in groups that aren't focused entirely on YOUR unique business goals and are sick of looking for a fix through random courses. You are a self-starter, willing to action on your own + run with things, and are looking for a coach to 1) teach you proven strategies to start & scale your business (including brand-building, selling, messaging, launching & lead generation) 2) help you hold the belief, upgrade your mindset, and help you expand quicker and easier than you can on your own.
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Client Love Notes ♄

Andrea Minhas, CEO of Étoiles CrĂ©ations

Working with Nora was honestly the best investment I have ever made! When Nora and I first started working together I was terrified of showing my face on social media, wanted to become more visible to my audience, and was approaching my business from a place of fear and frustration. I was also struggling to make any income in my business and price my products correctly. Thanks to the support that Nora offered me, we were able to price my products correctly, so that the pricing felt aligned but I was also recuperating costs and making a profit. Nora also helped me become more confident in showing up on social media, so I could attract my ideal clients, resulting in doubling to tripling my average monthly income vs months prior. Nora is an amazing coach that not only helped me step into my confidence, but also really helped me with the tactical parts of my business as well.

Carrie Blackmore, Runway Model and CEO of Vicarious Lingerie

In just a few weeks of working with Nora my life took a complete 180. I accomplished dreams that I had been working towards since childhood after working with her for just a month. From the work that we did together, I was able to build my business and launch my first product line, Vicarious Lingerie. Nora‘s coaching style is so intuitive and tailored to your specific personality. She is genuine and organized and gets you through the ups and downs. She isn’t afraid to dig deep and truly help you reprogram your limiting beliefs. 

Rob Church, Co-Founder of Edge Theory Labs

I started working with Nora just after my first year in business at a point in which the sales and complexity of the operations had taken a very significant leap forward. Nora's combination of mindset coaching, relationship management, and practical business insights supported me in forming better habits to better manage my full schedule and fostered stronger relationships in both personal and professional realms. After 6 months of coaching, I feel like a leveled-up version of myself and highly recommend working with Nora if you want to level up in some way.

Kiley R, Dental Practice Owner

I signed up with Nora for private coaching cause I felt I was in a slump in my life. Everything I needed to shine was already inside me and Nora and her coaching helped bring that out. Her coaching style is personalized to you and makes you feel so comfortable. When I stopped working with Nora I was scared I would be lost without her!! But she gives you the tools you need to continue to thrive on your own and be a total badass, so that you don't "need" her forever! If you’re on the fence and deciding whether or not to work with Nora.. do it! It not only will change your life drastically, but will also make you feel empowered that you chose better for yourself. 

Becca Keaty, Chief Developmental Officer

Listen, sometimes you just don't even know what your soul needs!! And thankfully, Nora does, and she will hold your hand and guide your mind, body, heart, and soul through the incredible journey that is soul work. It feels light, supported, and expansive. The exercises help you unlearn old behaviors, create inner confidence, and blaze a calmer path. Nora is available, considerate, and knowledgeable - with a heart of gold. You will never regret the time you spend learning from her and enjoying life with her.

Doug Beckman, Head of Customer Success

Before I began working with Nora, I found myself burning out and neglecting my own well-being. Seeking a solution, I opted for private coaching with Nora. Throughout our sessions, I experienced significant shifts in my perspective and approach to life. I now consistently embrace a sense of 'now,' navigating my workdays with ease, thanks to the fundamental and advanced practices Nora introduced. What sets Nora apart is her adaptability and tailored approach to fit my specific needs. She makes each session align seamlessly with where I was on my journey. To anyone contemplating whether to work with Nora, go for it—you won't be let down!

Jessica Stock, Senior Manager: Experiential Marketing & Partnerships

The last year at my job was the most challenging and transformational. I wouldn’t have been able to build the skills I needed to be successful without the guidance of Nora! Her tools for managing everything from tough conversations, managing personal finances, and becoming the person you truly want to be are priceless. I owe so much of my success on my journey to Nora and look forward to continue working with her!

Lee Anne Simeone, Spiritual Coach

Working with Nora has been a game-changer for my life & business. When I hired Nora, I was feeling lost in building my business and lacking clarity and self-confidence. I am now in a completely different space, owning my entrepreneurial role, making clear decisions, and creating unique offerings. She has a unique knack for distilling complex thoughts, emotions, and business issues down to their core. Mixing spiritual guidance, intuition & meditations with business strategy and planning, she is masterful at repackaging my often-confusing thoughts clearly & concisely, while also asking the perfect questions to help guide me to finding the answers for myself.
I have often said, “everyone needs Nora in their back pocket!”!


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