Remember who you are, what you came here to do, and create an unshakeable belief in yourself to take action into the reality where you're no longer settling, but fully living

This accelerator is a pre-recorded video series that will go live from October 24th-October 28th. If you're unable to join during the live release week, you're free to complete the series on your own time! 

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The 5-day confidence portal is an accelerator designed to place you on the shortest path to your highest timeline.

You know that dream that's been in the back of your mind? The one where you think about it and respond internally, "one day."

That day has arrived.

There's nothing standing between you and that reality (besides you, sweet cheeks!)

On October 24th, you'll grant yourself permission to stretch yourself further than you ever have before, start showing up as the version of you already living in that reality, and take bold action towards your greatest vision. 

The key to your new reality is an unshakeable level of confidence in yourself.

Over the course of 5 days, you'll receive a mini training for each day with the guidance, tools, and energy & embodiment exercises that will align you to your most confident self.

When you make the choice to never settle or give up, you'll always receive exactly what you desire. 

The path isn't easy every day, and that's why your confidence must be unconditional & unattached to results outside of you.

We've learned a backwards approach when it comes to building confidence. These things don't come when we've achieved x, y, & z. We achieve x, y, & z BECAUSE of the confidence already present within.

Remember, there is a past version of you that literally dreamt of being where you are right now. Don't forget to pause and appreciate how far you've already come. 

There's also a future version of you that's already playing in the reality you desire to be in, pulling you forward, and excited for you to experience MORE magic in life.

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Meet Your Guide:

Nora Virginia, Spiritual Coach


A spiritual coach and meditation + breathwork teacher that expands entrepreneurs, leaders, and high performers into higher levels of success and fulfillment. She supports her clients in tapping into their own inner power through increasing confidence, identity recoding, manifestation, mindset rewiring, and blending intuition with strategy to create their desired results in life.