This is the space for heart-led entrepreneurs of all industries to fully commit & go all-in on building the life & business of their wildest dreams.

What's Included: 

☑️ Access to 100s of practices & trainings valued at $13k+ all for just $98/mo…

Not to mention the CA$H MONEY you’re about to make when you put the tools into practice…HELLOOOO instant ROI! 💸

☑️ FAST, ORGANIC EXPOSURE through networking & community

Meet your new biz besties! Receive endless support and opportunities for collabs, cross promotion & podcast features.

Yes bebe, you are already SUPER gifted at what you do, but at the end of the day…you’re only as strong as your network & having a solid one is the easiest + quickest way to gain exposure organically (unless you wanna be chasin' the algorithm for life).

☑️ ACCELERATED GROWTH through real-time coaching

Receive direct business coaching from Nora that’s tailored to your unique business questions, needs & goals through monthly live coaching calls.

Jumping from course to course is what tends to stall growth most. Not every strategy in every course applies to your business OR makes sense for where you’re at, so here’s where you discover the things that will move the needle most for you.

☑️ PROVEN BUSINESS STRATEGIES through monthly strategy trainings & mini milestone challenges

Every month, you’ll receive a new *LIVE* business strategy training on topics like content that converts, lucrative launching, selling without the sleeze, & more. Peep the full year schedule below!

Each strategy training features a monthly mini milestone challengewhere you’ll be incentivized to master the skills that mean the most for your biz and have a chance to win free gifts!

☑️ RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY & EMBODY YOUR INNER CEO through daily spiritual practices

Get access to 100s of spiritual tools (including breathwork journeys, meditations, & guided journal sessions) on topics like manifesting, healing, money & abundance, self-love, intuition and more. 

Use it for your morning practice or pop in mid-day whenever you need to align back to your highest self! Everything is created twice - first within you & then in your external reality. It’s not just about what you DO in life, it’s about WHO you’re being.

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