$2,200.00 USD

Expectations and Guarantee

While Company does not promise any refunds or partial payments, Company will do everything it can to ensure satisfaction during the length of the Program, so long as you have met all expectations pursuant to this Agreement, including but not limited to the expectations set forth as follows:

  • Attend each of the scheduled groups calls
  • If a conflict arises and you are unable to make one of the calls, you must notify Coach within 24 hours and be open to reasonably collaborate on a solution; and
  • You will still be held accountable to watch the call recording, complete all exercises assigned to you, including but not limited to any online platform used in the Program.


Late or Non-payment Policy

This is a legally binding document. In the event of a late payment, Coach reserves the right to charge the client a 10% penalty on the 4th day after the payment due date and a 15% penalty on the 8th day after the payment due date.

If the payment is more than 7 days late or in the event of a non-payment, Coach reserves the right to suspend the Client from the Program, or otherwise terminate this Agreement. Client shall be responsible for full payment(s) under this Agreement in the event of suspension or termination of this Agreement.

If Client informs Coach of Client’s intent to discontinue payments due under this Agreement, Coach may immediately refer collection of the unpaid amount to an attorney or collections agency.

If for whatever reason this Agreement is terminated by either Party at any other time during the Program, Client shall be responsible for full payment(s) under this Agreement.



You are of the opinion that the Coach has the proper and necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide the Services to you. Anything stated by the Coach or by any Member of the Program is to be treated as an opinion. It is at your sole discretion to determine how to use the opinions discussed to dictate your future business strategy.


Elite is the biz energetics course designed to help you unleash your inner CEO, show up online as a powerful industry leader, and build a wildly successful + impactful movement.

What to Expect: 

  • 10 Trainings to Become Elite (LIVE version for fall 2023 cohort only)
  • 2 Bonus Modules on Style Embodiment & Feminine Energy from Guest Experts: Fallon Lev and Amanda Marit (LIVE version for fall 2023 cohort only)
  • Intimate group chat for support, questions, and biz bestie connections (for Fall 2023 cohort only)
  • Bonus never-before-seen meditations, breathwork journeys, & journaling prompts
  • Weekly integration exercises