If you want to shift any part of your life, you must first shift within. You attract what you receive in life through who you are being.

Elevate is designed to be the space where you arrive & elevate your inner world on a spiritual, emotional and mental level, so that you can intentionally manifest the reality of your dreams.

This is your one-stop shop for breathwork, meditation, journaling, mindset, manifestation, healing, community & so much more. 

Monthly live calls feature topics like subconscious mind reprogramming, inner child healing, strengthening intuition, increasing confidence, and quantum manifestation.

Elevate holds the power to shift the trajectory of your life. Here's why:

When you start the day here, you feel good. When you feel good, you think expansive & uplifting thoughts. Your thoughts determine the actions you take. The actions you take repeatedly create the reality you're living in. 

Everything is created twice in life - first within & then in your physical reality.

What will you create today?

Every Day, You Receive a Spiritual Practice Curated FOR YOU

Elevate supports those who...

Elevate supports those who...

Elevate supports those who...
  • Feel empowered to create a morning ritual that they look forward to and that makes them feel LIT UP on life daily.
  • Crave simplicity + ease & do not have time to pull practices from youtube or 10 different places. They want to just show up + be supported with all they need.
  • Love variety (new content is dropped weekly & you receive a new practice scheduled for each day). Because life is not meant to be boring.
  • Benefit from an extra layer of accountability through assigned daily practices, community support and monthly challenges. Transformation is born through consistency.
  • Crave an environment and community of like-minded individuals focused on growth. Who, where, and what you place your energy into directly plays a role in who you are becoming.
  • Desire to be an intentional manifestor + attractor, knowing that their current thoughts, beliefs, feelings & actions are creating their future.
  • Know how powerful they are. They don't believe in settling, take bold action, and are 120% committed to creating a life that they don't want to escape from.

When you make the choice to stop settling & never give up on your dreams, your success instantly becomes inevitable.



Breathwork Journeys

This is the gateway to your autonomic nervous system. Your breath is the only tool you have within that can directly move you from a fight/flight response to a relaxation state. Each technique holds unique benefits like creating natural energy, balancing masc/fem energies and cultivating inner peace.


A consistent practice physically alters the structure of your brain resulting in increased awareness, facilitation of emotional responses, lower stress levels, and an improved life experience. Ranging from < 5 Minutes to 30+ Minutes & includes walking meditations

Journaling Sessions

These pre-recorded live sessions will guide you through emptying your mind, releasing emotions, connecting to your intuition, creating clarity for goal-setting, increasing accountability in action-taking, self-love amplification, manifesting + more

Pre-Recorded Expansion Workshops

This is where we integrate through embodiment practices, so you don't just understand these concepts - you LIVE them. Within the masterclass library, you'll learn tools for jumping timelines, overcoming fear, emotional healing, increasing confidence, reprogramming your mind, attracting abundance + more. 

Daily Morning Practices

Every week you'll receive a new schedule with a unique practice for each day. Think of Elevate like a fitness studio, but for your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. There's no planning or thinking required - you get to simply show up and get your morning practice on!

Live Group Calls

Every month, Nora leads a live 90-minute group call with topics intuitively chosen based on the energy of the collective group. This is a time to connect with the group on a deeper level, receive hot seat coaching, learn new tools for integration, and dedicate time to YOU!

Your First 7 Days are FREE!

Are you ready to say YES to yourself and your next level of expansion? Join the Elevate movement today + receive one-week FREE! Full access membership is just $49.99/mo after with no commitment, cancel at anytime!


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