Looking for a way to reach peak performance & exponentially grow your bottom line?


Looking for a way to reach peak performance & exponentially grow your bottom line?

Let me guess…you have half the puzzle in place: the vision, the leadership, the right people, professional development, and recognition programs but something major is still missing (the other half). It’s a sense of personal wellness and an environment that provides the tools/coaching for the right people to develop a growth mindset, feel joy + purpose in their daily work, show up with confidence to take on new projects, and effectively collaborate with others to exceed, rather than meet, expectations and results.

Yes! We need "the other half"

"In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, Nora creates a space for leaders to connect with our hearts so that we can show up with more presence, authenticity and compassion for ourselves and our teams. Most of us are relying solely on our minds to function at work, and this is neglecting one of the most powerful instruments we have available to us for achieving greatness—our hearts. I walked away from this workshop feeling so much more connected to my team as a result of the rich and meaningful conversations evoked by Nora’s workshop. "

Lisa Shields
Director of People and Culture, Organifi

"We recently had Nora lead a workshop to close our marketing offsite and it was the highlight of the week! The exercises brought us closer together as a team and we felt valued and seen as individuals. Nora does a great job listening to understand the goals for your team and then crafting a plan to utilize the time together in a great way."

Greg Rose
Chief Marketing Officer, Suja Juice

"I've now worked with Nora privately and in a group setting, and I was blown away on both occasions! We recently hosted a breathwork session in our offices, with some employees joining remotely, and so many profound insights emerged. Nora commands the room, while providing a personal experience for each attendee. I'm already being asked when Nora can come again. Highly recommend booking Nora for yourself or a group!"

Samantha Pantazopoulos
CEO, Vizer

"At our National Sales Meeting, Nora did an amazing job kicking off the off-site event with a morning session on Ponto Beach, filled with mindfulness breathing exercises. She helped me develop the session quickly and bring it to life for our wonderful Suja sales team members and partners. It was an amazingly crisp and clear morning and with Nora's leadership, we were all able to take a brisk walk to the beautiful beach and take time on fun beach blankets to practice breathing exercises that brought us to a focused and mindful spot. Each of us identified how we would want to show up for our multiple day off-site meetings and events. I received compliments on the segment of the meeting, and many highlighted it as the highlight of our team event. The team has also requested we work more with Nora at future events, and we've already had her support our Merchandising team's off-site since. I feel Nora would be a great partner for any company or team/department manager as they plan an off-site or just work to maximize engagement with their teams. She is open, does a great job listening and co-creating, and I was very pleased with the outcome of our last two events. I will be working with her again in 2022 to support and enrich the Suja Sales Team's meetings and events. I'm very grateful for the partnership and opportunity to work with her!"

Gretchen Uschold
Chief Sales Officer, Suja Juice


The team is burned out, overwhelmed and thinking about work 24/7. Giving more PTO is not working, and you're ready to empower your employees to learn how to manage stress once and for all.

The source of motivation at work is external, rather than internal. You're striving for the team to reach peak work performance, filled with action derived from an inner purpose.

There's a case of "silo mentality." Mistakes are being made from lack of collaboration or clear communication. It's time people feel well, so they interact well.

Negativity during difficult times is spreading like wild fire, and making a decision to change it now is what you already know will make productivity explode to new levels.

The team feels disconnected from themselves and their zest for life is non-existent. Ask them to name a personal win or something they're proud of outside of work. CRICKETS? Not after working with me!

Your turnover is high and it's hurting your bottom line. You need to act now to retain top talent.

There's a constant ask for more external recognition and rewards, but really..the gap is due to a lack of self confidence. You're not alone and this is my bread + butter.

You're looking for a way to stay competitive in the workplace, since 98% of leaders are implementing benefits around personal well-being post-pandemic.

You're excited to create a company culture where the employees & leaders feel IN LOVE with their career & the rest of their lives at the exact same time.

Ways to Partner with Nora:

An on-demand, self-paced portal that's your one-stop shop for breathwork, meditation, journaling, live workshops, community, accountability, and more.

Elevate is a proactive approach to continuously increase individual success by supporting employees in their well-being daily.

Most of my clients include this as a wellness stipend on an opt-in basis. Usage report is provided monthly to track engagment.

Gather on-site (or zoom!) for team workshops that combine education & practices for stress tolerance, mindset, confidence, heart-centered leadership, intuitive creativity & decision-making, and purpose-driven action.

This is the best way to provide engaging, valuable, & customized team sessions to build/improve culture.

The majority of my clients love to do monthly sessions coupled with a full-day retreat annually. 

Private life coaching at the executive level improves self-awareness, empathy, communication, freedom, leadership, and more, producing a ripple effect.

For the leader that desires to experience life fully and reignite passion, impact, freedom and fulfillment in ALL areas of life.

Packages start at 6 months. This one is known to turn heads and cause remarks like, "you feel like an entirely different person" both at work and at home.


  • The elements of well-being are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social.

  •  The connection you have with yourself influences the emotions you feel daily. The way you feel impacts the quality of your thoughts. Your thoughts determine the actions you take. The actions you take create the results you see in life. It's all connected.

  •  Your ability to connect and form healthy relationships with others is dependent upon the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.

  • This framework is focused on self-empowered action. Long-lasting success comes from increasing individual capability.

  • It's a root-cause approach, rather than a band-aid fix (which is what most existing solutions are).

  • The result is well-rounded life satisfaction, because each element of well-being is equally important to increasing profitability at your company.

  • The content and practices are future-focused, creating a proactive culture, rather than a reactive culture.

  • The outcome is visible, powerful shifts that you can quantify (and the payback starts immediately!)



  • 83% of professionals are stressed, resulting in $300 billion in lost productivity.

  • When people feel rested, nourished, safe, and that they belong, productivity has been shown to increase by 500%. 

  • 86% of employees and executives cite lack of communication or collaboration for workplace failures.
  • Confidence is ranked as the #1 factor in completing daily tasks, performing better, securing promotions, and feeling happier at work. 
  • Negativity left unaddressed decreases work performance by 30% and cost companies $3 billion a year.
  • Over half of the workforce ranked personal values/morals as the #1 influence in decision-making.
  • Employees and leaders that feel a strong sense of purpose are 5.3 times more likely to stay at a company. 
  • 1 in 3 risk professionals predict mental health to be a primary disruptor in the workplace following the pandemic. 


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